Signal amplifier

The signal amplifier receives the signal and boosts the signals with the help of the transistors present in the circuit. After that it sends the signal to the internal antenna.

Internal antenna

The internal antenna transmits the amplified signals

Now let’s have a look into some of the top signal boosters available in the market.

We boost 4g

The weBoost Connect 4G is designed for large home or office use, with a 5,000 square foot range. It is available for all carriers such as airtel, aircel, Vodafone and idea and it works for all mobile phones. Next on the list is fustar K1B001F.

Fustar k1b001f

This signal booster comes with a unique unidirectional antenna and it is capable of receiving signals even in remote locations. It is also capable of receiving signals in the range of 824 MHz to 900 MHz. That’s all for today, will meet you in the next article with a different topic and different concept. Bye

Remente App for Android

Depression is one of the most prevalent Psychological problems in the world. In fact, 4 out of 10 people experience some form of depression, may it be mild or severe.

In order for us to combat any kind of psychological problems, we need to have a healthy well-being. Studies have shown that exercise can help give you a healthier mind. Even though exercise does give some benefit to a better well-being, you also need help with regards on the way you live your life.

Wouldn’t it be great if there is something that can help you, or better yet, coach you on how best to live your life to the fullest?

Actually, there is an app that can help you with that, and that app is none other than the Remente App for Android.

Remente is an Android mobile phone app that was created by a team of Psychologists, brain experts, and health and well-being enthusiasts. They aim to provide help to people who are struggling to have a healthier life.

As previously mentioned, depression is one of the most common psychological problem in the entire world. With the Remente App for Android, you can get help from them to improve your well-being as well as focus on what’s really good for you.

The Remente App for Android provides a wealthy repository of courses and information that you need in order for you to have the life you’ve always wanted.

Whether you’re struggling with your personal relationships, work life, or even school life, the Remente App for Android mobile phones can get you connected with Psychological professionals that can inspire you to be the best that you can be.

The Remente App for Android is not only limited to preventing problems via the help of psychologists; this app also gives you the ability to communicate with other well-being experts.

These well-being experts will suggest to you some mindfulness exercises, such as yoga and meditation as examples. These experts can also help you get more productive sleep, a more-improved and adaptable brain, and they will also help you prioritize what it is you desire in life.

Oftentimes, we are so preoccupied with the things that really do not offer any benefit to use. We are so engrossed into thinking that we need this or that when all that really matter are your goals.

You can also find other areas of Psychology that might interest you. You can also get leadership coaching, public speaking and communications coaching, time-management seminars, and more!

In life, we may need someone or a group of people to help us, to guide us, and to mold us into better persons. The Remente App for Android mobile phones is a unique way to help you with that.

The reason behind the creation of this app is that these people want to help others not get stuck with any psychological dilemma. As noble as they are, I am impressed with their motives and their dedication to helping other people.

This app makes use of your mobile phone’s internet connectivity so that you can connect with them and so that you can join their live coaching seminars. To ensure the best possible quality of service, get a mobile phone signal booster.

The Remente App for Android is free to download and is available in the Google Play Store.

Lego Dimensions Game for the Xbox One Game Console

Lego is an amazing franchise. It started out as a set of creative building blocks but the company has now moved to more prominent characters and franchises. For example, there is now the Lego Batman which showcases all of the Batman characters. There is also a Star Wars Lego which showcases all of the most popular Star Wars characters and space crafts.

Because of its popularity, a lot of game companies want to incorporate the LEGO theme into their games.

Today, I am going to talk about the Lego Dimensions Game for the Xbox One game console. Although this game was ported to a lot of different game consoles, I am going to be talking specifically about the Xbox One port of the game.

Anyway, the story of the game begins with Lord Vortech and his trusty robot companion, X-PO, landed on the planet called the “Foundation Prime”.

There, he sought to get all of the twelve foundation elements in order for him to merge all of the existing universes and so that he can rule them all.

These foundation elements are the Diamond Scarab, the One Ring, kryptonite, Metalbeard’s treasure chest, the Palantir, Master Chen’s staff, inanimate carbon rod, the PKE meter, the flux capacitor, the Midway Arcade’s gold token, the Aperture Science’s cake, and the Ruby Slippers.

Once all of the twelve foundation elements are found, he must then place them all in the Foundation Prime’s building in order for him to merge the multiverse.

X-PO was doubtful about Vortech’s plans and the latter wishes to banish X-PO into another dimension.

Unfortunately, due to numerous dimension shifts, Vortech’s body cannot withstand doing more dimension jumps and he accidentally opened thirteen new portals leading to different dimensions.

The popular characters that are present in their own universe, Frodo, Batman, Gandalf, Robin, Metalbeard, and Wyldstyle, were all teleported to different dimensions.

Batman, Gandalf, and Wyldstyle were all teleported to one dimension. They happened to find X-PO in that dimension and, in turn, the robot told the three about Vortech’s nefarious plan.

Vowing to stop the rule of Vortech, the three main characters joined forces to recruit other heroes to stop Vortech for good.

The Lego Dimensions’ gameplay is similar to that of the Skylanders in that when you purchase the game, you will also be given a USB “portal” and some mini figures as well.

This mini figures can then be placed on the USB portal and it will then summon that particular character on screen. You can then use this character to stop Vortech’s plans.

All of the characters come from famous franchises such as the Batman franchise, Lord of the Rings, and much more.

Do take note that all of the characters have their own unique abilities and all of them have a key role in some parts of the game.

Unlike the Skylanders game, the Lego Dimensions mini figures are all created using LEGO merchandise. This means that you can tweak the mini figures a little bit so that you can customize their features in the game.

When you buy the game, you will get the starter pack with items that I’ve mentioned earlier. But, you can also buy level packs that contain new levels as well as new mini figures too.

The Lego Dimensions is a fun game and is available on various game consoles (Nintendo Wii U, Playstation 4, Xbox One).

Nintendo NX: An Entirely New Console

Nintendo hasn’t had much success in the gaming industry as of late. With the Nintendo Wii U’s dismal sales, Nintendo aims to develop something that will pique the interest of Nintendo fans anew.

During a recent interview, Nintendo’s new president, Tatsumi Kimishima had stated that the upcoming Nintendo NX console will “neither be a replacement for the Nintendo 3DS nor the Nintendo Wii U”.

What does this mean? This means that the Nintendo NX will be a revolutionary console; one that will surely fire up the interests of many gamers.

Kimishima also went on to add that the Nintendo NX is a new way of playing games. He just stopped there which leaves us hanging. What is the Nintendo NX truly about? What features does it have? Only time will tell.

The upcoming Nintendo NX console, however, is something that the late Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata hinted a long time ago. He said that when they will just update on existing hardware, that’s just pointless.

They have to envision the future; the future of gaming and the future of the company. They have to think out of the box and they have to think about what gamers really want.

For me, gamers really want innovation. They want something new; something that they will talk about for months and even years.

That is what the company is intending to do. That is why they’re completely mum about any news regarding the Nintendo NX.

What we do know is that the upcoming Nintendo console will be released in March 2017, but other than that, other news are just speculations and rumors.

Now, if we backtrack a little bit and talk about the recent rumors, it was rumored that the Nintendo NX might have physical cartridges.

Nintendo partnered with Macronix. Macronix is a company that creates game cartridges and they dislike using Discs as storage mediums.

Could it be that the Nintendo NX is a portable gaming machine? That is what crossed every Nintendo fan’s mind when they heard the rumor.

Another rumor that’s been circulating over the internet is that the Nintendo NX will have connectivity with both its handheld (Nintendo 3DS) and console (Nintendo Wii U) devices.

If that is true, then it would be great! A lot of people actually bought more Nintendo 3DS consoles rather than the Nintendo Wii U. If it is true, then your Nintendo 3DS will still be relevant for many years to come.

Again, all of these are pure speculations and none of them are true, at least for the time being. Only the company will be able to confirm these rumors.

In other news, President Kimishima also stated in a recent interview that the company is seriously considering the thought of entering the movie industry.

If that is true, it would be awesome! It would be interesting to see what the company holds for its fans.

What do you think will the Nintendo NX be? Will it be another portable gaming console? Or an even better console with a lot of new tech?

Motorola Moto X Style

Motorola, the company who made the first mobile phone in the world, has been perfecting their mobile phones ever since. Most of the other mobile phone companies nowadays focus more on specs rather than the overall user experience. But, Motorola took on a new approach and they’re now starting to create mobile phones that bring just that: improved user experience.

The Motorola Moto X Style deviates from the norm in that it gives a better overall user experience. Although it doesn’t have the specs that would make you say wow, it does offer a premium experience like no other.

The design of the Motorola Moto X Style is well thought of. Even though it comes with a 5.7-inch screen, you can operate this mobile phone with only one hand. That is made possible thanks to the slim bezels of the phone.

The back of the phone also has a slight curvature to allow you to grip this phone effectively by using only one hand. It not only provides better ergonomics, but it also provides a premium look as well.

The Motorola Moto X Style got its moniker because you can actually customize the back panel of the phone. You can change it to a different type (a wood back, leather backs, and accented backs). Heck, you can even engrave your name on the back cover to make it truly yours. Only Motorola offers this level of customization but I guess other mobile phone companies will follow suit soon.

As previously mentioned, the Motorola Moto X Style comes with a 5.7-inch LCD display. Even though it doesn’t have an IPS display, it does come with a resolution of 2560×1440. Quite surprisingly, the screen is good. You can even view media outside without any problems. Colors are vibrant and the saturation is on point.

From the performance standpoint, the Motorola Moto X Style doesn’t disappoint. It comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 hexacore processor clocked at 1.8GHz and 1.44 GHz. It also comes with the Adreno 418 GPU and a hefty 3GB of RAM.

Not only that but the phone also comes with the stock Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. And when I say stock, the company didn’t opt to put a lot of bloatware in the phone, which is actually quite nice of them to do so.

Since mobile phones that come with more than 5.5-inch displays are considered as media devices, the phone should have a good battery life. Fortunately, the Motorola Moto X Style comes with a hefty 3,000 MaH battery with fast-charging capabilities.

Motorola has been notorious for quite some time for including subpar cameras. But that is about to change. The Motorola Moto X Style comes with a competitive 21-megapixel rear camera with optical image stabilization and an f/2.0 aperture.

Taking pictures with the mobile phone is a very good experience and each photo taken is of high-quality.

The Motorola Moto X Style also supports 4G LTE capabilities and all major US carriers are supported. If you do not want to experience low signal reception (especially if you’re in far-flung areas), you may want to get a mobile phone signal booster.

The Motorola Moto X Style is just right. The specs are good and it even comes with 4G LTE support. I must say that the Motorola Moto X Style is a good buy if you’re looking for a new mobile phone.

Flashify App for Android

Have you rooted your Android Mobile Phone and you are unsure of what to do next? The beauty of rooting your Android Mobile phone is that you are now allowed to download root apps.

These root apps are called as such because they need root permissions to allow it to run perfectly. These root apps are a little bit dangerous considering that they have the power to tinker with the device’s settings.

But, do not worry, we are not going to be talking about a dangerous root app for Android mobile phones in this article. We are going to take a look at one of the most useful root apps for the Android operating system and that is an app called Flashify.

The Flashify App for Android mobile phones does a lot of remarkable things that do not require you to go to the custom recovery to do it. You see, when people flash something new, such as a custom kernel, for example, they had to go to the custom recovery and flash it from there.

It can be a little time-consuming if that is the case, that is why the Flashify App for Android comes to save the day.

You can pretty much flash all the of the .img and .zip files directly from the app instead of going to the custom recovery to do it. Do you have a custom kernel that you want to install? Flashify will do that for you. Do you want to wipe the cache, dalvik cache, and data on your Android mobile phone? That can also be done with the app!

Or, do you want to update the custom recovery that came with your rooted Android mobile phone? Flashify can also do that! It can download popular custom recoveries such as CWM, TWRP, PhilZ, and many more!

If you want to tinker your Android mobile phone even further, people would always remind you to save or backup your files before doing anything that tampers the innards of the Android operating system. With the Flashify App for Android, you have the option to Backup or Restore your Android device without having to go to the custom recovery!

Furthermore, the Backup service can be automated and it will backup and upload the files to its cloud storage facility so that you can download it anytime if you wish to restore the backups at any time.

The Flashify App for Android also keeps records of your recently flashed or backed up files, so that you can make sure that if anything goes awry, you’ll know which file was causing it.

Flashify App for Android also integrates itself with other file Explorer apps so that you can flash those files directly from the file explorer app. This is actually pretty good since you can add functionality to different file explorer apps and it will work seamlessly with the Flashify App for Android.

The Flashify App for Android mobile phones is free with the option to go Premium for more features. This app is an indispensable tool in your arsenal especially if you’ve rooted your Android mobile phone.

The Flashify App for Android is available for download on the Google Play Store.

Netgear WN2000RPT Universal WiFi Range Extender

So, you were streaming movie from Netflix in your bedroom when you suddenly want to watch the movie in your living room for more air and cozyness. That is great idea and all, but what you didn’t take into account if if WiFi signals can get to your living room.

You see, routers get internet connections from your service provider, and it transmits signals so that all your devices can connect to the internet. The problem is that, and this is a very common one, most routers have very weak signal transmission protocols, resulting in little to no signal in your home or office.netgear

These dead spots, as it is commonly known, is frustrating, especially when the internet is a vast resource and you wanted to do something, like say streaming. So, what is the most logical plan of action? Getting a WiFi range extender.

But, you do not only get WiFi range extenders from just any networking company, you get a WiFi range extender from a reputable one. So today, we’re going to take a look at the Netgear WN2000RPT Universal WiFi Range Extender.

Before anything else, let’s look at the features of the WN2000RPT:

  • Works with clients supporting Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)
  • Keep your current wireless equipment and improve coverage to eliminate dead zones’
  • Compatible with wireless b/g/n routers, gateways and Internet Service Provider’s devices
  • Freedom to roam anywhere in the house and access Internet without worrying about coverage
  • Bonus feature-4 Ethernet ports to connect to gaming consoles, Internet TV’s, and Blu-ray players
  • Supports Windows 10
  • Works with clients supporting Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)

There is nothing unusual with the Netgear WN2000RPT. It still has everything you would want in a WiFi range extender like 4 LAN ports for wired connectivity, it also supports the latest Windows 10 and it also has a WPS button for quick setups across all your devices.

When it comes to performance, it does what it intends to do. When I didn’t use the WN2000RPT, I was able to get a measly one bar of signal using my Windows 7 laptop when distanced 75 feet away from the router. Anything more than that, and I cannot even get a bar of signal!

Now, that has changed when I finally fired up the Netgear WN2000RPT. In the same distance (75 feet), I was able to get 3 bars of signals (which is rated “good’ by Windows 7), and I get at least 2 bars of signals when I am at least 100 feet away from the range extender.

This is actually pretty good, considering that I spaced out my Router and WiFi range extender pretty evenly (at least 50 feet away from each other). Setup is a cinch thanks to the built-in Netgear Genie. Heck, even a beginner can set this WiFi Range extender up without any problems!

The Netgear WN2000RPT Universal WiFI Range extender is your barebones WiFI extender, and it doesn’t come with a whole lot more. Still, performance-wise, it is pretty good, and with a price of only $60, you cannot get wrong with the Netgear WN2000RPT!

Nintendo 3DS Famous Homebrew Applications

Nintendo 3DS is a portable gaming console that carries on the legacy of the original Nintendo DS. Nintendo 3DS is unique because it has dual screens, a feature that only the said console has.

Apart from its dual screens, did you know that you can run homebrew applications with your Nintendo 3DS too? Homebrew applications are programs that were created by a third-party for a specific device, in this case, the Nintendo 3DS.

Homebrew applications have the power to unlock certain features that you normally would have no access to when you use the official firmware. In order to install and run homebrew applications though, you need to install an unofficial custom firmware.

Think of a custom firmware as the operating system for the Nintendo 3DS. The custom firmware lifts any restrictions the official firmware has, and some custom firmwares have wealthy additions as well.

Now, to enjoy all of these, you need to acquire a few things. First and foremost, you need to have an R4 3DS card. homebrew-3dsThis is a special type of SD card that lets you drag and drop homebrew applications to be used in your 3DS.

Before you can use R4 3DS cards though, you need to install a custom firmware, because if you still use the official firmware, your 3DS will not read the R4 cards.

After procuring an R3 3DS card, you need to transfer the necessary files to it for you to be able to run homebrew applications. There is something to keep in mind when installing homebrew applications.

There are 2 different file extensions you need to be aware of. If the file extension of a certain file ends with .3dsx, that is the executable file. When the file extension ends with .smdh, that is the metadata. The former is what you’ll be executing to run homebrew applications.

So, how do you install homebrew applications on your Nintendo 3DS? You can put all the Homebrew applications on the root of the R4 3DS card, and the Homebrew launcher will scan the entire SD card for applications it can use and execute.

Now that you know how homebrew applications work, it is now time to install some of the most popular homebrew applications directly on your 3DS.

Here are some popular Homebrew applications that you may want to use:

  • 3DS HomeMenu extdata Tool- This application allows you to install custom themes to beautify your home menu startup
  • ctr-streaming-server- This is a 3DS streaming server where you can stream files over the internet.
  • Custom Home Menu Manager 2- Is your theme dull and boring? This homebrew application allows you to choose custom themes to make your home screen awesome.
  • fb43ds- Want to check your Facebook account directly from your 3DS? Then, install this application.

There are a lot of homebrew applications out there, but the ones I’ve listed above are the most downloaded homebrew applications to date.

If you want to add more functionality to your Nintendo 3DS, then install homebrew applications!

Updates to Nintendo firmware

Upgrade Launched: 11th July, 2013

The choice to upgrade StreetPass Mii Plaza is presently accessible through the Streetpass Mii Plaza menu

Additional upgrades to entire system stability along with slight modifications was made to increase the gamers experience

Primary modifications for edition 6.1.0-11U:

Upgrade Launched: 27th June, 2013

Additional upgrades to the entire system stability along with slight modifications was made to improve the gamers experience

Primary adjustments for edition 6.0.0-11U:

Upgrade Launched: 17th June, 2013

Gamers are able to support save information for online editions of Nintendo 3DS application and a lot of Online System games

Additional upgrades to general system stability and various minimal improvements have already been made to increase the participant’s experience

Primary adjustments for edition 5.1.0-11U

Upgrade launched: 4th April, 2013

Solves a problem that could avoid entry towards the System Configurations or other functions

Key adjustments for edition 5.0.0-11U

Upgrade launched: 25th March, 2013

Memory cards and their uses

When you want to expand your gaming ability on your game console it is the memory cards that are going to do that for you. Memory cards have come a long way from their inception. What was once something that was barely functional is now found built into most gaming systems.

Of course buying an “off the rack” memory card is still possible and actually encouraged to not only free up space but to make sure that your game console does not get bogged down AND slow down. Choosing the right memory card is another story.

The Cost

The cost of memory cards has plummeted over the last few years as they have become more available thanks to easier to get parts and newer technology which is good news for anyone in the market for a memory card.

You can easily find a card that will do the job for about $10 on sale. Of course you can also find memory cards that cost a lot more up to $140. A lot of people opt for the more expensive models because they feel that the more you pay the better the quality of the card. The reality is a bit different.

Paying more does not necessarily mean you are going to get more for your money. You can get a great card for about $40.

The Choices

There are different size choices that you have to consider. Typically the larger the storage space the more expensive the card will be. You also have to consider what type of console you will be using the memory cards with.

Depending on what you are using to game with you can get away with a smaller card to get what you need out of it. For example if you are building your own console for gaming than you can get away with a 4GB -8GB memory card which is considered the sweet spot for adding more RAM.

There are a lot of different options that are meant to meet a lot of different needs. Deciding what is right for your needs is really a personal decision. You do not have to go nuts to get out of the console what you want to get out of it.

A little research can go a long way in making the right choice. Don’t just jump on the band wagon. Take a look at the reviews for memory cards before you purchase one. Other gamers can let you know what their experience has been like